Bioelixire Argan Oil

Bioelixire Argan Oil is recommended for damaged, weakened and ageing hair. It comes in a small plastic bottle with a capacity of 20 ml. If you are curious how this oil works, just try it out.

Check out how Bioelixire Argan Oil works

Hair oil Bioelixire Argan Oil improves the condition of hair and scalp. It reduces free radicals, prevents hair loss and delays ageing processes. Additionally, it ensures an adequate level of hydration in the scalp. The product provides strands with softness and natural shine.

Natural ingredients nourish and regenerate wisps as well as protect from some of the ingredients of hair dyes.

Do you know how to use Bioelixire Argan Oil ?

The use of Bioelixire Argan Oil is very simple. It can be applied to wet and dry strands. A small amount of cosmetic should be rubbed into the hair and the ends. To enhance the colour of highlights and give them shine, add a few drops of Bioelixire Argan Oil to the hair dye. The product applied to dry hair will help you comb the strands and create your favourite hairstyles.

What does Bioelixire Argan Oil contain?

Bioelixire Argan Oil contains many valuable natural ingredients such as: fatty acids, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil and sunflower. All these substances take care of the proper condition of your hair and scalp.

Summary: Use Bioelixire Argan Oil when you want to make your hair look prettier and healthier. The cosmetic will regenerate split ends and damaged strands. It will also help create fancy hairstyles and tame all the unruly strands.


  • contains argan oil
  • works against free radicals
  • contains oils and vitamins
  • facilitates styling


  • very small capacity
  • the smaller bottle is not equipped with an applicator
  • does not nourish hair in a proper way
  • it is recommended for weakened and ageing hair