What do women like most?

Most women want to have beautiful hair. If you are one of them, you must prepare yourself that it requires a lot of work. Changing cosmetics into better quality ones and proper care is not enough. You will also have to quit some of your foregoing beauty routines. Blow-drying, colour-treating, perm and other kinds of treatment are very harmful to your hair. Do not forget to use hair oils. Why are these products so important?

Essential information about hair oils

Obtained from plants, provides instant results, easy to apply, has beautiful scent. What is it? Yes, it is a brief description of hair oil. That amazing product has a lot more beneficial properties than you can imagine. If you are curious what are its other effects, all you need to do is to start your treatment. However, you must remember to apply the product to your regularly hair to see any results.

Before you use hair oil, firstly, make sure what your hair really needs; what type of care it requires and what kind of components you should provide it with. Keep in mind that thin hair care is completely different than in the case of natural afro hair. Moreover, different ingredients are suitable for colour-treated hair or grey ones. If you are already aware what your strands need, you can finally go shopping. While you are at the drugstore, you will encounter a selection of cosmetics that have different formulas and can be applied in various ways. How to choose the proper hair oil? Always read the labels and lists of components carefully. If you do not understand some words, you may ask the shop assistant for help. If you decide to buy the product online, before clicking 'order now' make sure to browse through forums and carefully read opinions about the product.

What is in the best hair oil?

You will find the variety of: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, UV filters and many other substances responsible for improving the condition of your strands and scalp. Do not use oils that contain liquid paraffin, bad silicones, alcohols, artificial dyes and fragrances. All those components can cause irritations and dermatological diseases. The best hair oils comprise essential fatty acids. They work both inside and outside. Additionally, they have beneficial influence on the condition of your strands and scalp. Vitamins and minerals found in hair oils will also bring positive effects to your wisps.

Hair oils ranking - choose the most suitable oil for you

I hope that this ranking will help you choose the right oil for your hair type. Only thanks to the opinions of many independent hair maniacs, hair stylists and girls interested in the topic of hair care, this comparison of hair oils could have been prepared. Therefore, if you have not decided on the product for you, perhaps this ranking will make everything more clear to you and help you make the right decision.

How to use hair oils?

There is a variety of methods. Start by choosing the proper amount of the product. It depends on the length, thickens, colour and porosity of your hair. Next, select the most suitable method of application. It could be hair oiling or simply applying the cosmetic before or after shampooing.

What is hair oiling like? Before washing your hair, apply a large amount of oil and leave it in for several hours (or preferably overnight). Next, tie your wisps on the top of your head, put on a shower cap and a warm winter hat. And then you wait... between such headgear and your scalp, heat is being produced. That warm environment will help to raise cuticles and allow active substances to penetrate deeper. Additionally, it will improve blood circulation. After the particular period of time, wash your hair using a mild shampoo and either blow-dry or leave your strands to air-dry. What is more, remember to do a few-minute scalp massage while applying the oil. Such treatment will not only improve scalp condition but also help you to relax after a long day.

Are there any other methods of hair oiling? Yes, of course! You can apply the product to dry, damp or wet hair. You might as well use it before or after washing your wisps. Apply it only to the hair ends, from the mid-length downwards or to the scalp. Furthermore, hair oil can be added to your favourite hair mask or conditioner. Oils also work well as an addition to hair dyes. Such product brings even better results if combined with other oils and natural ingredients and used as a hair mist. The choice is yours.

How do hair oils work?

Their use is really versatile. Hair oils have beneficial influence on the scalp and work on the outside and inside of the strands. What are their main properties? Hair oils:

  • smooth hair, reduce frizz and static, tame unruly strands,
  • restore natural shine to dull hair, protect colour from fading, enhance dyed hair
  • provide a variety of nutrients, moisturise, supplement low levels of vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth and the proper functioning of the scalp
  • regenerate damaged wisps, reinvigorate split ends, prevent from further damages
  • prevent from: harmful UV radiation, high temperature produced by styling tools, free radicals and chemical substances contained in cosmetics
  • facilitate styling, reduce blow-drying time, make combing easier
  • heal dandruff, sooth irritations, help fighting some dermatological diseases, they can also complement the therapy prescribed by a doctor
  • improve hair growth, prevent premature greying, strengthen hair follicles, inhibit hair loss

What has hair porosity to do with unsaturated fatty acids?

Each oil is made up with essential fatty acids. The speed of absorption is determined by these substances. You can distinguish the following types of oils: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Saturated oils (also: cosmetic butters) have very good absorption and therefore are suitable for low porosity hair care. Monounsaturated oils contain omega-9 acids, penetrate easily and are recommended for medium porosity hair. Polyunsaturated oils are rich in omega - 3 and omega - 6 acids; are perfect for high porosity hair.

What exactly is hair porosity? It is nothing else than the level of how high the scales are raised from the hair shaft. Therefore we can distinguish three types of hair porosity: low, medium and high porosity. The first type is characterised by smoothness, elasticity and flexibility because the hair scales tightly adhere to the core of the hair. high porosity hair is dull and rough due to the raised scales. Medium porosity hair combines the features of low and high porosity. It can be smooth and rough in different parts.