Khadi anti dandruff hair oil

Khadi hair oil is a remedy for dermatological problems connected with the scalp. Even though is does not have significant influence on the condition of your hair, it is still worth using it regularly to take a better care of your scalp. Natural ingredients (often used in Indian medicine) contained in this product are very beneficial for the scalp.

Check out how Khadi anti dandruff oil works

This anti dandruff hair oil moisturises and cleanses scalp. It soothes irritations and provides antiseptic properties. The cosmetic improves blood circulation in the scalp cells, allowing nutrients penetrate follicles more quickly. Khadi oil cleanses hair at the roots and stimulates it to grow.

The product has also antibacterial properties; prevents flaking.

Do you know how to use anti dandruff Khadi hair oil?

Remember to Shake the product well before the application. Then, separate the strands and apply Khadi oil to the entire scalp. Perform a few-minute massage with your fingertips. This treatment will not only enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals but also strengthen hair follicles and allow you to relax. Leave Anti dandruff Khadi oil for about an hour on the scalp, then wash it off with a mild shampoo. You might as well leave the cosmetic on throughout the night. Effects guaranteed.

What does Khadi anti dandruff oil contain?

Khadi anti dandruff hair oil contains many natural ingredients. Among them, there are the following oils: sesame, mustard, lemon, tea tree, fenugreek, camphor. The product also comprise fragrances obtained from ecologically harvested plants, grown specifically for this purpose.

Summary: If you suffer from psoriasis and have a problem with oily scalp, be sure to try Khadi oil. Perhaps, you will not have to use the help of a doctor and taking medication will be unnecessary. What is more, your hair regains lustre, becomes healthy and beautiful.


  • reduces dandruff, regulates the work of sebaceous glands
  • restores scalp proper pH
  • contains a variety of natural oils
  • nourishes hair follicles
  • works inside and outside


  • does not solve any other problems connected with skin and hair
  • unpleasant and too intense scent
  • oil can stain clothes and facial skin
  • it is hardly available in drugstores