The best methods. How to protect your hair against split ends?

Split ends are definitely the greatest headache of thousands of women all over the world. What can you do to protect your hair against the damage? Here’s a handful of ideas for how to protect ends against splitting and how to guarantee the hair with stunning appearance.

Why do hair ends split?

The reasons may be various. It is often mechanical damage that occurs when, for example, you sleep with loosened hair. Hair ends may split due to excess styling. Hot hairdryer air, high temperature or straightener or curler or even brushing your hair incorrectly can make it brittle and break easily. You can sometimes blame the sun or hormonal changes or even the hairdresser who trimmed the hair using blunt scissors. The effect is always the same dry, frizzy hair with split ends.

Split ends. To trim it or not to trim it?

Sadly, it comes at the cost. Because when ends split the wisest thing to do is to shorten it. The trim (with sharp scissors this time) allows restoring hair with a healthy look but sadly takes away a few inches from the hair length. If you do not care about how long your hair is, then there is no loss because the hair will soon grow back. For those of you who try to grow their hair, it will be a much greater loss because every inch lost is a step back on the way to the beautiful and long hair. That is why it is best to protect yourself against split ends!

How to protect hair ends against splitting?

In order to avoid the necessity of trimming the hair, the best protection should be ensured. It is easy to do if you introduce your daily routine to a few simple rules. Thanks to them taking care of hair ends on a regular basis is nothing to be afraid of.

  1. Tying the hair before going to bed – such a cliche yet it can change so much because at night hair ends are being damaged and split. Loose bun on top of the head or a braid will be sufficient to prevent strands from rubbing against the sheets. This way your hair will survive every nap time.
  2. Hair oil treatment – not just for overnight but also every other method of hair oiling can help lessen split ends problem. Natural oils will coat strands with invisible layers so that hair won’t lose hydration while making sure hair is smooth, full of gloss, and way less subjected to mechanical damage.
  3. Airdrying only with cool air – you should come to ‘like’ the button with the cold air on your hairdryer and use the cool air next time you dry your hair. It will take a bit longer but the time you saved up on faster drying you would need to spend at the hairdresser’s to trim the ends and that makes no sense.
  4. The sun protection – hair cosmetics with UV filters, natural oils, hair mist that protects against the sun can also come handy when your hair is prone to split ends. The UV rays have dryness causing impact on the hair and that is a direct cause for weak hair ends. So,┬áthe foundation is the protection in this case.
  5. Hair mask with keratin – hair with split ends is damaged hair. The perfect solution is to use cosmetics that can make hair stronger and to repair it from the inside out. The best for the task is a regenerative hair mask with hydrolyzed keratin, which happens to be a very important protein for the hair.