Why my hair keeps falling out?

Excessively falling out tresses bothers many people. Normally we lose more or less 100 hairs per day. If we lose more, we should detect the cause. What makes hair shed and how to prevent that?

Thyroid disorders

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism affect the condition of hair. Hyperthyroidism causes hair loss and alopecia areata while hypothyroidism makes hair dry and thinning. In both cases, only pharmacological treatment proves effective.

Graves’ disease causes damage as well because thyroid produces immunoglobulin which sparks premature hair aging.

Hormonal imbalance

Improper function of hormones contributes to hair loss. Menopause, labor and using contraceptives make hair fall out in excess too. This issue is also common in men hitting 40. Hair loss may be the symptom of ovariopathy or adrenal disorders.

Bad diet

We all know the importance of eating a healthy diet. We often fail to provide the optimal amount of protein, iron, zinc or amino acids. You threaten your health, or even life, if you eat super-slimming, vegetarian or low-protein diet without providing the proper substitutes and varied meals.

You can’t go on a harsh diet without consulting the doctor first. If you don’t see a professional, you are likely to do more harm than good. Try to eat lots of vegetables, exercise more and cut down on sugar – this way you lose weight without unnecessary restrictions and side effects.


Constant, strong stress makes us lose hair. Mental health has lots to do with hair loss: the condition of tresses worsens if you suffer from neurosis or depression. If you want to avoid thinning hair, take care of your mental health.

Wrong hair-care regimen

Heat causes damage to the basic building block of hair, that is keratin. In turn, it splits, breaks and falls out. Choose shampoos, conditioners and masks that shield your tresses against the mechanical damage and environmental aggressors.

Remedies for hair loss


Intensively massage the scalp, using your fingers or rollers which stimulate hair growth and improve the blood flow.


You can deliver them either with supplements or food. Vitamins reduce hair loss so it’s good to provide them. For example, vitamin E enhances the function of blood vessels, vitamin B5 accelerates hair growth (biotin deficiency causes hair loss) while retinol (vitamin A) improves the protein structure. Those ingredients are essential if you dream of healthy tresses.

Hair-care choices

Don’t use products that aren’t right for your hair type and hair porosity. By using wrong products you cause damage to the hair and get the opposite effect. The proper selection of products matters enormously.

Forget flat irons, blow-dryers, curling wands – hot tools change the hair structure and destroy it. The hot air blast is really powerful, damaging the hair and making it fall out.

Color-treating or chemical-processing don’t benefit the hair, that’s for sure. If you decide on such procedures, remember to nourish and strengthen the hair afterwards.

Don’t wear tight updos. Wear messy buns, braids or ponytails to avoid damage. Pulling and tugging the hair intensifies hair loss.


Drink nettle or black radish teas – they are high in vitamins essential to keep healthy. These herbs abound in substances that stimulate the blood flow.

In some cases you can remedy the hair loss on your own but medication is sometimes necessary. Nevertheless, this knotty problem is fixable.